In addition to quantity surveying we offer professional project management services on a commercial basis to work in conjunction with our projects. 

We can work with you for subcontractor advice, dealing with change, change instructions and contractor resource allocation. We can also assist with project planning and timescales. Below is a breakdown of some of the additional services we can offer:

  • Design Stage - Change Control Management

  • Submission of Interim Applications to the Client

  • Identification, Assessment and Negotiation of Variations

  • Identification, Assessment and Negotiation of Extension of Time

  • Cash Flow Forecasts

  • Anticipated Forecast Final Account updates

  • Project planning

  • Procurement, Management and Final Account Settlement of Subcontract Accounts

  • Procurement of Bespoke Material Orders

  • Administration of the Contract in accordance with the Conditions of Contract

  • Financial Reporting, comprising:

    • Cost Value Reports (CVR’s) – Interim and Forecast Final Account

    • Accruals – Labour, Plant, Materials and Subcontract

    • Contingencies – Labour, Plant, Materials and Subcontract

    • Maintain the Risk & opportunities Register

  • Documentation Monitoring

  • Final Account Preparation and Agreement

  • Site Visits as required

  • Attend Meetings as required

  • Experienced in the following Condition of Contract:

    • NEC3 in particular Option A, B and C

    • NEC3 Term Service Contract

    • MF1 Rev 5 2010 Edition

    • Network Rail NR9 addendum to ICE 6th Conditions of Contract Design & Construct

    • Client Bespoke

  • Systems / Software used:

    • COINS data base, order, cost system

    • DEMA data base, order, cost system

    • Workspace data base system

    • SAP Cost Ledger System

    • Company web based system, i.e Spencer Online System (SOS) – e-mail, document control, subcontract enquiry system

    • Company web based intranet system (C Spencer Ltd) – invoice checking, purchase ledger download

    • Microsoft Excel – competent with most frequently used functions SUMIF, SUMPRODUCT, PIVOT TABLES, FILTERS etc

    • Microsoft Word

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